We're building a place where crypto enthusiasts can hang out, play games, and build real community. A fun, competitive, and engaging experience that respects and reimagines the classics, encourages community, and helps everyone enjoy the day more. This is your port in the storm of crazy crypto.

We also want to be the first crypto thing that newbies actually like! We’re big believers in the idea that crypto, blockchains, web3, however you want to describe it, has the power to increase genuine social interaction, empower true ownership, and lead to more fun. We could have done this the old way, but this new way, is better, and we know it. Now we just have to show it to the billions of gamers who haven’t experienced it yet.

In order to do both, we commit to no false promises. Our intention is to build something real and sustainable, and that’s not easy, especially in this industry. We understand how get rich quick schemes can masquerade as engagement and user acquisition strategies, and that’s why we will be measured in our approach. We can’t promise you riches, but we do promise to care about more than getting rich off of you.

More steak, less sizzle.


It's early for 8s, but we're creating an awesome gaming platform. One that's global, competitive, fun, social, and most importantly, aims to give more than it takes. This is where the internet will come to have fun and relax. Join us and don't miss out on something truly special!