You think you know, but prepare to enjoy these games like you never have before!


We've (respectfully) reimagined these beloved games in ways that might just make them more fun than the originals!


Practice on your own, have fun with friends, or enter prize-filled tournaments. However you enjoy these games, do that.


Use twists to energize game play and skins, avatars, color schemes and sounds to make 8s feel exactly how you want. (NFT’s coming soon!)


Whether you win it or buy it, it's yours. Keep, trade, or sell every collectible or twist whenever, wherever and to whoever you want.

We host 48 daily tournaments in Connect 4 and Solitaire, and we’re just getting started. Come hang out in our Discord, celebrate each other's victories, discuss strategy, and create long lasting friendships.

It's early for 8s, but we're creating an awesome gaming platform. One that's global, competitive, fun, social, and most importantly, aims to give more than it takes. This is where the internet will come to have fun and relax. Join us and don't miss out on something truly special!